Strip the Cosmos

Strip the Cosmos

S02E01 - 1

24.1. 07:15
Prima Zoom
55 minutes
Crime / Drama / Mysterious / Thriller

We strip apart black holes, one of the most feared objects in the universe, and tear off swirling galaxies of stars, planets, and cosmic dust layer by layer to explore the secrets of these hungry menaces lurking right on our cosmic doorstep.

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Season 3


30.5. 18:00, Prima Zoom, 60 minutes


A story of planetary collisions, volcanoes spewing lunar lava, and a vicious act of celestial cannibalism.

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4.6. 02:35, Prima Zoom, 60 minutes


Scientists search for answers and discover incredible truths, including the presence of a giant unseen 'dark-ring'.

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Crime / Drama / Mysterious / Thriller

This series reveals worlds never seen before; stunning CGI animation peels back the layers, revealing alien landscapes of fragile lava caves, roiling plasma seas, cosmic platinum mines, and the hungry black hole at the center of our galaxy – cosmological wonders that play a surprising role defining our place in the universe.


Douglas Mackinnon, Jed Mercurio


Adrian Dunbar, Mark Bonnar, Jeany Spark, Steve Toussaint, Keeley Hawes, Andrea Irvine, Martin Compston, Julia Krynke, Liz White, Jessica Raine, Claire Hackett, Vicky McClure, Ian Beattie, Michael Nardone, Richard Buick, Philip Wright, Richard Huw, Antonio Magro, Tara Lynne O'Neill